Trans-Atlantic slave trade. 6 Nations. Who started it?

Storage of slaves prior to boardingTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade & who started it

The Portuguese and the British were the greatest transporters of slavery during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, followed by France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.

However, it was the Portuguese who started it in the fifteenth century.

How many slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas?

When you take into account how long after the Portuguese the British started their Trans-Atlantic slave trade from Africa and the fact that the British were one of the first European nations to end the sale trade, they still managed to transport over 3 million slaves to the Americas.

Valuing the slavesThe French transported less than half that amount, whilst the Portuguese transported nearly 4 million, mostly to Brazil.

It is estimated that 10.5 million slaves were transported to the Americas, that does not include ships that were lost at sea whilst transporting their slaves, slaves who died as a result of a revolt or slaves who were thrown overboard due to dwindling food or drink.

It has been estimated that around 2 million Africans died on their voyage to the Americas.

Please note that are contradictory amounts to the figures stated above and I’ve trying to use the commonly stated amounts.

When did British slavery start?

The British slave trade didn’t start until 1562. John Hawkins captained three ships
which left Sierra Leone with 300 slaves.

The initial journey was so prosperous that Queen Elizabeth I sanctioned further

What is the triangular trade?

There was a three way trip in the slaves trade, where ships would travel from their
respective European countries to Africa with items that could be used as currency
for slaves.

The second trip would be with the slaves to the Americas. Then back to Europe
with produce that had been farmed by the slaves.

The trip from Africa to the Americas is referred to as the “middle passage”
When did the Portuguese slavery start?transportation of the slaves during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade

As previously stated Portugal was the first country to start the Trans-Atlantic slave

This started in 1444, when 235 Africans were taken away from their homes in
West Africa.

Portugal had colonised, what is now, Brazil and the majority of the Africans captured were transported to there.


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