the Kassites

1,180 BC
Zagros Mountains
image courtesy of Fulvio314, via Wikimedia Commons

Around 1,180 BC it is believed that the Kassites arrived from the Zagros Mountains. Not much is known of their early years.

1,595 BC
Hittite Mesopotamia
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The Hittites, under the rule of King Murshili I, marched into Mesopotamia and destroyed the Amorite Kingdom of Yamhad and raided Babylon and then withdrew.

1,570 BC
Kassite Rule starts
MapMaster, via Wikimedia Commons

The Hittites having left Babylon sacked and looted, left the Amorites, Haneans and Kassites to battle it out for rule. The Kassites gained control, some believe with the aid of the Hittites.

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1,500 BC
The rule of Agum II
Sir H. C. Rawlinson, via Wikimedia Commons

Not much of Kassite history is known up to 1,500 BC, when Agum II took power of Babylon, however, it is believed that he united the people when he returned the stolen statue of Mardoc back to Babylon.

1,475 BC
Conquer of Sealand Dynasty lands
Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Agum III conquered the Sealand Dynasty lands to their South in 1475 and the King of the Sealands escaoed to Elam.


1,333 BC
Assyrian Power
Alexikoua, via Wikimedia Commons

The borders between Assyria and Babylonia were clearly defined and peace was maintained by the intermarriage of royalty. So, when the Babylonian king Kara-Hardash, who was married to the Assyrian kings daughter was assassinated by his own men, Asur-uballit I, king of Assyria marched into Babylon and killed Nazi-Bugash the reigning king, putting Kurigalzu in power to reign.

1,243 BC
Assyrian Power Continues
Alexikoua, via Wikimedia Commons

Assyrian King Tukulti-Ninurta I, after attacking the Hittites and then forming a treaty, then attacked the Kassites and put a puppet king in place. 

1,158 BC
Kassite Reign over
C. J. Gadd, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Assyrians attacked again, when the Kassites were in decline. The Elamites also attacked and in 1,155 BC the last Kassite King Enlil-nadin-ahi was captured and taken to Elam.

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