the gutians

2,350 BC
Zagros Mountains
image courtesy of Fulvio314, via Wikimedia Commons

The Gutians are said to have been a nomadic tribe that arrived in the Zagros mountains, just outside Mesopotamia and due to the drought raided upper Mesopotamia to survive.

2,300 BC
Akkadian campaign
Joeyhewit, via Wikimedia Commons

It is believed that around 2300BC Sargon the Great campaigned against the Gutians, who was lead by Sarlak, however due to the Gutians hit and run tactics, the campaign was unsucessful.

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2,220 BC
Fall of Akkad
image courtesy of Fulvio314, via Wikimedia Commons

With Shar-Kali-Sharri of the Akkadians holding his last strong hold of Akkad, the nomadic Gutti saw there chance to take control and took Akkad burning it. The Guttians survived the unrest for the next century.

Rule of Mesopotamia
image courtesy  Wikimedia Commons

The Gutians ruled for around 100 years, by simply enjoying the power and defeating uprisings. But with the drought being more of an issue, pressure was building on the Gutians.

2,120 BC
Fall of the Gutians
Gary Todd, via Wikimedia Commons

Ur-Namma, from the city of Ur brought the Sumerians back to power after Ytu-hengal defeated the Gutians. Ur-Namma became laws were written and currency was made. The Gutians left and headed back into the mountains.

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