the british

8,000 BC
Cheddar Gorge
Cheddar Man
C. G. Seligman and F. G. Parsons, via Wikimedia Commons

The Cheddar Man, who was the first full skeleton found in the UK, was located in Cheddar Gorge and is believed to be from around 8,000 BC. Based upon DNA analysis decribed in a Channel 4 documentary, Cheddar Man had blue eyes, black hair and black skin and he would have been able to travel over while England was still atttached to the Europe.

3,000 BC
garethwiscombe, via Wikimedia Commons

Stonehenge was built in stages. It was started around 3,000 BC and the inner circle was built in around 2,500 BC. There is still uncertainty as to why it was built, but the best educated hypothesis is that it was used as a burial site.

800 BC
CADW / Visit Wales, via Wikimedia Commons

Hillforts started to appear throughout Britian around 800 BC, during the late Bronze age. Hillforts were earth works used to defend settlements.

330 BC
Ptolemy, via Wikimedia Commons

Pytheas, a Greek Explorer, is said to have circumnavigated Britain. He described the British inhabitants as being peaceful farmers who were able in war. It is also believed that Pytheas may have been the first person to use the word Britian.

54 BC
Julius Caesar
Unknown author, via Wikimedia Commons

Roman General Gius Julius Caesar second invasion of Britian. Caesar was said to have invaded the British because he they were assisting the Gauls in Brittany. Caesar battled Catuvellauni in what is known as the Gallic Wars and reteated back to Europe to battle a Gaul insurgence. He never returned.

9 AD
King Cunobeline
PHGCOM, via Wikimedia Commons

Cunobeline becaomes King of the Catuvellauni people and starts to expand his territory through war. Cunobeline dies after 30 years of rule. 

43 AD
Rome Invades Britain
my work, via Wikimedia Commons

Rome's invasion of Britian started in 43 AD with Emporer Claudius.

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