Ancient Egypt

3,000 - 2686 BC
Ancient Egypt
Early Dynastic Period

Keith Schengili-Roberts, via Wikimedia Commons

The Early Dynastic Period includes the first and second Dynasties

2686 - 2160 BC
Ancient Egypt
Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom contains dynasties from three to eight, which includes Djoser (2630 - 2611 BC) who was buried in the first step pyramid, Khufu (2551 - 2528) who was buried in the Great Pyramid of Giza and  Pepi II (2246 - 2152) who was the longest serving Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The Old Kingdom also includes the building of the Sphinx.

2160 - 2055 BC
Ancient Egypt
First Intermediate Period
Metropolitan Museum of Art, via Wikimedia Commons

The First Intermediate Period includes the 9th and 10th Dynasties and the beginning of the 11th Dynasty. This was a tumultuous period in Ancient Egypt ending with Antef I starting the recovery of the Empire.

2055 - 1650 BC
Ancient Egypt
Middle Kingdom
Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin, via Wikimedia Commons

The Middle Kingdom started in the 11th Dynasty and went through to the 14th Dynasty. It included the increased importance of the God Anun, the rule of Northern Nubia and the split between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

1650 - 1550 BC
Ancient Egypt
Second Intermediate Period
Macquarie University, Wikimedia Commons

The Second Intermediate Period consists of the 15th to the 17th Dynasties, which saw the Hykos invade and conquer firstly lower and then upper Egypt. 

1550 - 1069 BC
Ancient Egypt
New Kingdom
Roland Unger, via Wikimedia Commons

The New Kingdom included the 18th to the 20th Dynasties, which included some of the most memorable names in Ancient Egypt such as Queen Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun. Seti I, Rameses I & II. It was also famous for the conquest of Kush.

1069 - 664 BC
Ancient Egypt
Third Intermediate Period
English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

The Egyptian Empire went into slow decline throughout this Period of the 21st to the 25th Dynasties, which included the rule of the High Priests and the Berbers (also known as the Libyans) in control. 

664 - 332 BC
Ancient Egypt
Late Period
Katie Chao, via Wikimedia CommonsEnglish Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

The Late Period included the 26th to the 30th Dynasties, which included the rule of the Kush Empire and the Persians.

332 - 304 BC
Ancient Egypt
Macedonian Period
English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

This period of Ancient Egypt was ruled by the Romans, including the rule of Alexander the Great (332 – 323 BC)

332 - 30 BC
Ancient Egypt
Ptolemaic Period
English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ptolemaic Period saw the demise of Ancient Egypt, however included one of the biggest names of the Empire in Cleopatra I (194 - 176 BC)

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