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Historical Timelines

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  • 120,000 to 3,000 BC

    Migration throughout the globe. The human migration out of East Africa to populate the world.

  • 3,000 to 1,000 BC

    The early empires of Mesopotamia, Egypt, East Africa, the Indus Valley and MesoAmerica.

  • 1,000 BC to 1CE

    From the Egyptians, Assyrians, the Chinese Han Empire, Greece, the Kush, Uratu to the Roamans, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Celts, the Mauryans and many more

  • 1CE to 1,000

    The Kushian Empire, the Romans, the Mayans, the Gupta Dynasty, the Huns, the Persians, the Tang Dynasty, the Birth of Islam, Samanid Dynasty, the Vikings and many more.

  • 1000 to 1400

    The Normans, the Turks, the Empire of Ghana, the Inca, the Song Dynasty, the Almohads, the Aztecs, the Mongol Empire, the Ottomans, the Ming Dynasty and many more

  • 1400 to 1600

    Constantinople, the Annamites, Spain finds the West Indies, the Spanish and Portugal in Central and South America, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and many more

  • 1600 to 1750

    European invasion of North America, the Qing Dynasty, the Afghan Kingdom, the Mysore Kingdom and many more

  • 1750 to 1850

    James Cook, Napoleon, the modern world in conflict, American Independence, the French Revolution, the abolition of slavery and many more

  • 1850 to 1900

    Crimean War, France and Britain declare war on China, American Civil War, King Leopold in Congo, Europe take over Africa, Karl Marx and many more

  • 1900 to 1950

    World War I, the US in Haiti and Dominican Republic, Russian Revolution, Chinese Civil War, Hitler and World War II, Arab-Israeli War, India and Pakistan Independence and many more

  • 1950 to 1980

    Korean War, Anti-Soviet Uprising, Castro and Guevara, US Civil Rights movement, Haile Selassie, Vietnam War, India-Pakistan Wars, Lebanese Civil War and many more

  • 1980 to 2010

    Iran-Iraq War, Falklands War, Iraq Invasion of Kuwait, US wars, Rwandan Civil War, Saddam Hussain, Wikileaks and many more

  • 2010 to .....

    North Africa Uprisings, Apple, Amazon, Black Lives Matter, President Trump, Brexit, Mass Shootings, Campaigning for Rights and many more