Teachers Training

AriSEE’s Teachers Training

This is the delivery of a training course for teachers to help them understand what the issues people of colour may face within the education system, how and what they say could dictate how their white students will perceive ethnic minorities in the future, how they will need (a duty of care) to make concessions for in order to protect  those of colour. 

There will be 6 individual training courses that will address the following:-

  1. Racism and it’s historical construct
  2. European Globalisation
  3. Ethnic Minority role models
  4. Recognising and Challenging Racism
  5. Ethnic Minority Cultural History
  6. Safeguarding Ethnic Minority young people and the risk factors.

“Data from the Education Workforce Council Wales cited in the report shows that in 2019-20 there were only 48 applications from minority ethnic students to study initial teacher training in Wales. Of the 1,165 newly qualified teachers in that period, six identified as coming from mixed race backgrounds, 13 Asian and four from black backgrounds. In the same period out of 3,443 headteachers across Wales only seven identified as having non-white backgrounds and none of these were from a black British or black heritage.” –  Taken from a Wales Online article called “There are systemic racisms and barriers to success in Welsh schools, finds report” in 2018

“Race hate crime against children has reached a 3-year high, an NPSCC investigation has found. This included crimes against children under one. Childline held 2,617 counselling sessions about race and faith based bullying between 2015/16 and 2017/18. Girls were more likely to speak to Childline than boys, and children aged 12-15 were the most likely to get in touch.” – NSPCC 

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