Racial Discrimination

What is Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination was born out of an economic requirement to loot countries of their resources to increase the wealth and power of the few in European countries and the lands they inhabited. The people included, by definition of racial discrimination, have changed over time and often including and excluding Eastern Asians and Eastern Europeans. It seems preposterous that there was a time where the Italians and Greek were not considered white in the US. However, it seems more recently that it has become easier to split the races by skin colour, as British no longer signifies white.  So, why are we interested in something that can be so ambiguous. Well racism has been interwoven into everything in society, so much so, that even people who consider themselves not racist can, at times, be racist. For the victim of this continuous rejection of who they are, they have to convert to what is agreed by the social norm, which means wearing a mask to get a job, to walk in society and this is not just the case in European countries, European’s have travelled the world, subjugating people of colour, their culture and their self-being. The trauma of living in a country that does not reflect your being, that has for generations built barriers to your progress, that has demeaned you as being inferior and unintelligent and brands you with terrorist like titles when you stand up for what yourself and others of your race and on occasion inflict physical harm on you or promote the infliction of harm on our own people, all this can cause a person of colour to become what these powerful few which us to be perceived as.

How common is Racial Discrimination

Reporting Racial Discrimination

Citizens advice recommend the following steps.
1. Find somewhere safe to stay (relative, friends, refuge emergency
or rented accommodation)
2. It recommends that women in Wales looking for a refuge ring Live Fear Free on 0808 8010 800, for England they should ring the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.
3. For men requiring a refuge in England they should ring Mens Advice Line on
0808 8010327, for men in Wales it’s the same number as above 0808 8010 800.

The MET police state that you should use the emergency number
999 if your life is in danger, otherwise call 101.
Otherwise, if you need help or advice use our signposting database to
locate the support you require.


It is important to note racism is a criminal offence and that includes verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and bullying. 

  1. The Welsh Government website states you should report racism to the police on 999 in an emergency or 101.
  2. As an alternative, they inform us to ring the National Hate Crime Report and Support Centre on 0300 3031 982.

Racial Discrimination in regards to race

There are no statistics that specifically highlight the numbers of
domestic abuse associated with the BAME communities.
Due to the disproportionate incarceration of black men and women
in the UK, there is little faith in the police, which means that people
of colour are less likely report their abuse.
There is also, in many communities also a language barrier to
reporting domestic abuse.

As this is a website that sets out to challenge racism whilst supporting the issues within our races, I will not be addressing this section, other than to point out that the B.A.M.E. community historically of not being able to trust the police. Statistics show that you are more likely to be arrested as a person of colour for the same crime committed by a white person that will be cautioned. They show you that people of colour and stopped by the police at a higher rate than their white counterparts. During the COVID-19 lockdown, people of colour were more likely to get fined for breaking lockdown rules than a white person and people of colour are more likely to be assaulted or die in custody than white people.

For all these reasons people of colour are less likely to report racism as a crime as they see the police force as predominantly racist. This does not mean you should not report it. On the contrary, you should report it each and every time. Report it.