Immigration/ Asylum seekers

What is Immigration/ Asylum seekers

There is a difference between an immigrant and an asylum seeker.

To understand what an asylum seeker is, you first need to understand a refugee. A refugee is someone who is forced to leave their home and country due to fear of persecution. People can also leave due to war. These refugees then travel to another country and seek asylum or international protection from the dangers. At that point they then become asylum seekers.

A migrant is someone who makes the decision to leave their country and settle in a foreign country. Immigrants will be vetted based upon the current guidelines set by the country on who would be permitted to gain access. This is usually based on income, qualifications/job prospects and the ability to communicate. Immigrants can also be facing persecution, however this is not a necessity of being an immigrant.

How common is Immigration/ Asylum seekers

Reporting Immigration/ Asylum seekers

Citizens advice recommend the following steps.
1. Find somewhere safe to stay (relative, friends, refuge emergency
or rented accommodation)
2. It recommends that women in Wales looking for a refuge ring Live Fear Free on 0808 8010 800, for England they should ring the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.
3. For men requiring a refuge in England they should ring Mens Advice Line on
0808 8010327, for men in Wales it’s the same number as above 0808 8010 800.

The MET police state that you should use the emergency number
999 if your life is in danger, otherwise call 101.
Otherwise, if you need help or advice use our signposting database to
locate the support you require.


Obviously, there is no need to report anyone who has gone through the correct processes. However, on occasion, people come into the country illegally and for the best interests of these people, who are most likely to be exploited whilst in the country, they would need to be reported. states that you should inform the Immigration Enforcement Hotline on 0300 123 7000

Immigration/ Asylum seekers in regards to race

There are no statistics that specifically highlight the numbers of
domestic abuse associated with the BAME communities.
Due to the disproportionate incarceration of black men and women
in the UK, there is little faith in the police, which means that people
of colour are less likely report their abuse.
There is also, in many communities also a language barrier to
reporting domestic abuse.

As previously stated, the majority of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers don’t even venture into Europe. However, those who do make it into England and are of a colour other than white, can be victimised, threatened and attacked. You see white immigrants who travel from countries like Australia, Poland and Russia aren’t treated with the malevolence as those whose skin contains some colour. Which brings into question, whether the issues around asylum seekers and immigrants is really about foreigners coming into the country or more about race.