Population Analysis & Mapping

AriSEE’s Population Analysis & Mapping (P.A.M.)

PAM is our search engine for support agencies, otherwise known as our Signposting project.

Our search engine provides the serbice user with an easy way to narrow down the agencies that are available via location and agency support category. Our profiles of the agencies provide all the information the user will require to make an informed decision on the agancy and to contact them.

“Mental Health issues affect one in four of us every year. However, when you look at the B.A.M.E. community the rates increase substancially. The Count Me sensus, which was only performed between 2005 and 2010, shows that there is a substantially higher rate of black people and black and white mixed people being detained. With black people having the highest admission rate of six times higher than average in 2010. This, however, doesn’t take into consideration the fact that B.A.M.E. are less likely than white to seek any form of mental health assistance.”

“It was reported in england.shelter.org.uk that black people are more likely to experience homelessness than other ethnic groups, with 1 in every 23 black households becoming homeless as opposed to 1 in every 83 households from those who are not black. In fact, black people make up 3% of the population, but 11% of homeless people. If you put together all B.A.M.E. people they account for 24% of all homeless applications, yet only 11% of households in England.”

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