Book Writing

AriSEE’s Book Writing Project

AriSEE plan to create our own books to better challenge the issues of race, to improve race relations and to promote racial diversity.

We understand by doing this we may be able to bridge to provide a voice where it is not  heard and a face where it is not seen within literature.

This project is still in the production phase and further information will follow.

“Only 1% of British children’s books feature a main character who is black or minority ethnic, a investigation into representations of people of colour has found, with the director calling the findings “stark and shocking”” –  Taken from the Guardian article called “Only 1% of children’s books have BAME main characters – UK study” in 2018

“Improving the (lack of) ‘diversity’ in children’s books is one of the most critical issues in the publishing industry today and is, therefore, currently at the core of industry discussions. Our research suggests this attention is understandable as people of colour continue to be under-represented among children’s book creators.” – Booktrust

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