Blogs project

AriSEE’s Blogs Project

The blogs are there to serve three purposes at present, they may even develop to serve additional ideas.

So, below is why they are so important.

  1. The blogs serve to answer questions that people may have regarding race, racial issues and debates about race.
  2. The blogs are being used to promote support services which people of BAME are so reluctant to access.
  3. The blogs provide some history to the more obscure people and times that people are less likely to find in western history books, that promote the concept of success within the BAME community and also highlight the atrocities that have attributed to negativity towards racial minorities.

“Data from the Education Workforce Council Wales cited in the report shows that in 2019-20 there were only 48 applications from minority ethnic students to study initial teacher training in Wales. Of the 1,165 newly qualified teachers in that period, six identified as coming from mixed race backgrounds, 13 Asian and four from black backgrounds. In the same period out of 3,443 headteachers across Wales only seven identified as having non-white backgrounds and none of these were from a black British or black heritage.” –  Taken from a Wales Online article called “There are systemic racisms and barriers to success in Welsh schools, finds report” in 2018

“At present, the only study of black history in the national curriculum is in the context of the transatlantic slave trade, and, even then, its teaching as part of history at key stage 3 is entirely optional. Schools also have the option of teaching a module on migration and empire as part of some GCSE history specifications, but, again, these are optional and take-up has been low.” – Schoolsweek.

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