about us

I had an idea. It was a small idea about how I could change a town to be a little less racist.

This idea would not have presented itself to me, had it not been for the protests following George Floyd’s death. As I attended protests across South Wales I heard multiple young adults speaking about the occasions where they had been racially abused in local schools.

The same thing happened to me at school and although I wasn’t entirely surprised that this was still going on forty years later, it still disappointed me.

So, with Caerphilly being 98% white and with children here having little to no exposure to BAME people, I came up with a concept which would provide them with this exposure.

I figured that providing schools with books on the history, culture and inclusion of BAME people, it would help provide that exposure and hopefully, make it easier for someone of colour to be accepted whilst at school.

Only that turned out not to be enough for me, so with the assistance of some very select volunteers I launched a Community Interest Company, with some increasing achievment targets, which will provide education and support and develop integration within out community and beyond.

AriSEE was born (Advocacy, Representation, Integration, Support, Education and Equality). The acronym provides the basis of what our aims are.

Our Aims

To promote the education of diversity within schools.

To promote workshops for students & training for tutors in regards to race & diversity.

To support & empower children & adult ethnic minorities to fully participate in society.

To support and signpost those who are facing discrimination, trauma, and abuse.

Change isn’t a temporary thing, to change the fabric that is woven into society takes time, with one person following after the next. For it to be sucessful, we all need to make a change, because if you don’t manage to clean away all the bacteria, it will once again multiply (binary fission).

I hope you will support us by making your change.